Weddings & Events

Weddings and Events

Part of what makes any celebration great is the food. Perth Chocolate Works is doing more events every year. Treat tables have become very popular at showers, birthdays, weddings, and even business meetings. Perth Chocolate Works will work with you to pick out and create the perfect chocolates and treats for your event, to help make it an unforgettable experience! Contact us today for a custom quote.

*Prices shown are for 2018 season*

Weddings & Anniversaries

At Perth Chocolate Works we can create favours for your guests as perfect as your day.

Chocolate has taken the wedding favour market by storm, because what sweeter way is there to say thank you, then with chocolate? Boxes of two truffles with the flavours of your choosing have been the most popular choice in past years, but recently other options have become available, such as:

  • Box of one ($1.25), two (2.35) or four chocolates ($4.40)
  • Personalized wine glass with single or multiple chocolates placed within (starting at $4.95)
  • Chocolate dipped liquorice with chocolate drizzle in custom wedding colours ($2.25)
  • Chocolate bars with custom wrapper ($2.50)
  • Treat tables, with a selection of chocolates and sweet treats (starting at $10.00/person)

Favours made to best suit your wedding and personalities!

Work with our in-house graphic designer to package your chocolates to perfection.

Birthdays & Baby Showers

At Perth Chocolate works we can create favours to celebrate the new addition in your life, or a special milestone – a birthday!

The most popular birthday or baby shower favour is a box of two or four chocolates. This includes your choice of chocolate flavours made fresh for your day of pick up.

In the past, we have created a number of different favours for guests, including:

  • Box of one, two or four chocolates with label and/or ribbon
  • Chocolate dipped liquorice with custom-coloured chocolate drizzle
  • Chocolate bars with custom wrapper
  • Baby bottle shaped chocolates
  • Gift baskets (range from $40-$150)
  • Treat tables, with a selection of chocolates and treats

Corporate / Business

At Perth Chocolate works we can help you say “Thank You” to your employees and loyal customers with custom chocolate favours and delectable gift baskets.

Any promotion or advertisement that involves chocolate is sure to get people’s attention. Hand out your business card with an added touch or send a special thanks to customers during the holiday season. Gift baskets are popular for sharing in offices and are made to order with items that everyone can enjoy.

In the past, we have created a wide array of different gifts for employees and customers, including:

  • Box of one, two or four chocolates with label and/or ribbon
  • “Thank You” chocolate bars with custom wrapper or label
  • Gift baskets, custom made to order
  • Treat tables, with a selection of chocolates and treats

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