Local / Imported Goods

Local Goods

To add a savoury dimension with a gourmet appeal, we are proud to carry a wide selection of mustards, dressings, red pepper jellies, sauces, oils, ciders and other products from Ontario boutique artisan food manufacturers. We also carry imported candies and sweets from Europe and a selection of sugar-free items.

Imported Items

Browse our shelves of imported candies and sweets from Europe, including candies & tins, jams, cookies & cakes, toffee and no-sugar-added chocolate bars, chocolate almonds, hot chocolate and jams.

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Perth Chocolate Works
Grinding the cocoa nibs is the next step of the chocolate making process! This is when the nibs are ground into a cocoa mass. This mass contains both cocoa solid and cocoa butter. Sometimes chocolatiers use access cocoa butter to make their chocolate a smoother texture. But be careful! Some companies, focused on quantity over quality, use this step to add cheaper vegetable fats. So keep an eye out for these ingredients and avoid them, just like we do! #mytreat #chocolate #perthchocolate #handmade #artisan #ottawa #madelocal #edibleottawamagazine #narcityottawa #education #educate #narcitycanada #coffee #narcitytoronto #sweettooth #gourmet #caramel #treats #desserts #lanarkcounty #ottawafood #torontofood #familybusiness #codesmill #tayvalley #eatlocalmovement
Since 1998, the owners and staff of Perth Chocolate Works have delivered a unique combination of delicious handmade chocolates, confections, fresh roasted coffee and a delicious variety of sweet and savoury gourmet items from around the country, and the world. Original location in Manitoulin, now also available in the beautiful town of Perth.
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17 Wilson St E, Perth, ON
(Code’s Mill – Main Floor)

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